Dungeons and Beer 3 - Race to the Yellow Lotus

Session 1, Pt.1

Whilst camping in the woods, Rich’s Character is visited with a dream about a yellow crystalline flower hidden in a mountain monastery, which in his dream is being overrun by an army of Orcs.

After a brief journey through the woods, the party is accosted by a company of elven trackers, who after some brief introductions, lead the party to their encampment.

The encampment, it seems, is a recently liberated outpost, some 5 days from the city of Ni’Sheng. It turns out that a large company of elves cleared a large troop of orcs out of the outpost. On the corpse of the leader of the orcs slain during the attack was found a scroll of parchment detailing orders for the orcs to move out to a monastery in the mountains to the North.

The party agreed to follow the orcs and attempt to warn the monks, as they can move faster through the mountains alone without the elven troops needing to spend days preparing to mobilize. The elven commander, Valaderion sends one of his spellscouts with the party to act as a guide.

During the course of the first night, Glen’s watch is disturbed by a half dozen wolves, seemingly looking at the party. A brief scuffle ensues during which 4 of the wolves run off into the night, and two attack the party, and then the party are able to spend the rest of the night quietly resting.

The following morning, the party made their way to the cave through the shadowpeak mountains, part of the old dwarven trade route. At the entrance to the tunnel, 4 bugbears are seen playing dice. Glen decides to use some of his more distracting spells to blind and confuse the bugbears, who are then easily dispatched.

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